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We’re focused on capturing emotion in a creative and meaningful way. With cinematic, documentary, art  short form and storytelling style,

our goal is to capture the story with the best movement, angles, and lighting.


We create wedding films that are works of art.

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Anamorphic video has its own special and unique look. It is filmed by technology used in full-length film production by using special and very rare lenses that make the video stretched horizontally and compressed vertically. These videos have their own unique character and look like movie you’d see in cinemas.  Anamorphic video differs from others in its format, aspect ratio, special horizontal highlights and a soft picture. If you are a fan of cinema, you should think about shooting your wedding in an anamorphic format.



John & Susan


bride & groom

We love it! Very cool dynamics, atmosphere, and selected music. Like moments, looks, and the ending even after 100 viewing makes the heart start! Very cool! Copter did his job and that is great! It's great that it was possible to place it all as though the whole day in three minutes. From morning to such a beautiful sunset! And my errands on the grass did not stay aloof. We looked at the photos! Many thanks to Lucy! It's very cool! Colors, camera angles, processing! Very cool! Thank you very much - great work!


Eugenia and Simeon

bride & groom

It’s a miracle! At first we just cried, then laughed, then enjoyed our memories, and now we just want to watch it again and again!The video is incredible,;the photos are incredible; we go from one tab to another all the time when we watch them: video-photo, video-photo. It’s amazing how you could understand us, our souls. When the video ended with the “Amen” – that was it, no one could stop me. We can’t even express how grateful we are to you, how great and marvelous you and your talents are. Thank you!!! Guys, our dear guys!! We received the small box today...it’s amazing...so much joy and happiness!! We watched the video and photos for the entire evening, they are magnificent, sooooo beautiful, I can’t even express it! Our memories of this day are so incredible!


Mary and Dmitry

bride & groom

Michael & Lucy, I’m so impressed with the clip! This is exactly what I wanted! All the feelings and atmosphere of the day in a 5-minute video, it’s really cool! Thank you so much! You are unbelievably talented people, and I’m glad that I chose you!  On the wedding day, we had some staged shootings at the beginning of the celebration, and we didn’t know what was happening next. My husband and I actually forgot that there was filming going on and that a photographer was always shooting; we just relaxed and enjoyed our wedding. When I saw what you guys made for us, I was amazed. The emotions were caught on camera so accurately and brightly; you didn’t forget a single detail – faces, style, mood! It’s incredible that you managed to express the mood of the celebration in a 5-minute video! Michael, Lucy, thank you for letting us experience the most important day for us again. Every time we watch the film and the clip, we’ll think about you with gratitude and admiration.

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