Frequently Asked Questions

Do you always filming in as a pair?


No, we don't always work in pairs, but we like to shoot together, and we do it often. Lucy is a photographer, and Michael is a videographer, so we can work together on the same wedding or on different ones on the same day. We can also shoot the wedding as 2 photographers. In this case, Lucy is the main photo photographer, and Michael is the second photographer. If we shoot a video together, then Michael is the main videographer, and Lucy is the second videographer. We also work with assistants, additional photographers, and videographers.

How do you deliver videos to newlyweds?


It depends on the package chosen by the customer. For all customers, we make a personalized online page with a password, where there will be an online gallery and links to download photos and videos.


For the Intercontinental package, in addition to the online page, we deliver photos and videos on a memory card packed in a jewelry box. We also deliver 50 printed photos to the customer if he/she orders photo services from us. If the client orders an additional option to print a photo book, we agree on the design, print, and send the client the individually packaged album in the mail

How much time do you shoot during a wedding day?


It depends on the package of services you choose. You can order a different number of hours, more or less than in the package of services. We have an hourly rate. There are special conditions for the Unlimited Package. You are not limited in time. We shoot the whole rehearsal dinner, wedding day, love story, and we provide an additional shooting day for artistic shooting.


What do we get in the end?


If you order video services, you will receive a teaser, clip, feature film, documentary, and all the footage. 


How long does it take to shoot a Love story / Engagement?


Shooting an engagement  takes 2 or more hours.  During this time we will shoot an interview and make multiple feature videos. However, shooting can take even a whole day if the client wants it, and we can visit many places that are far from each other.  Shooting is an exciting process; you will have a great time and get a clip that will amaze the guests!


Who is your ideal client?


We love couples who have a story to tell. Our ideal client includes their personality in the wedding, so that we can convey the feeling of who they are, along with emotions on the wedding day. We totally believe that love is love and are proud to serve couples of all cultures and trends.


Do you shoot in other countries?


Yes, we travel and shoot weddings around the world.  If you have a wedding in another country, then you pay the additional costs of our trip. With the intercontinental package, all possible costs are already included.


How many videographers  will film our special day?


The basic packages have one videographer because not all weddings need 2 or more additional specialists. If you have a wedding of up to 60 people, you do not need to order  2 videographers. But if you have a big wedding, then we recommend ordering an additional videographer from us. This will show the wedding day and capture all events and guests from different angles most completely.


Why  cinematography? 


I have always been engaged in art.  Art has always been a part of my lives. The turning point was my own wedding, when we could not choose a  videographer who was 100% suitable for us. We decided to switch to wedding introduced video receptions that typically are used only in mainstream cinema. We were the first in the world to shoot weddings in an anamorphic cinema format. We truly love what we do. We enjoy creating breathtaking photos that our clients will cherish forever. 


What is your approach to weddings?


We approach each couple individually. For us, a wedding is more than just a family dinner, it is one of the most important days in the life of a couple in love. We deeply respect and rejoice in the soul when a new family is created. We learn the couple’s wishes and follow them in detail, so that clients get what they really want. Weddings are a celebration, and we like to keep it like this! We combine our love of editorial composition, authentic moments, and natural light to create images that are beautiful but true to you. We work at certain moments of the day (for example, decorating details for wedding preparations, reading film letters, helping to find the perfect places for official portraits), and we leave the rest to you. In addition to getting the best shots and videos we can take, our number one priority for you is to participate in your wedding and have a nice day.


We remember every wedding that we shoot, and our customers become our friends. Love is love; it knows no boundaries, and regardless of your religion, style, or nationality, we are happy and proud that we can create memories of your special day.

How far in advance do you book?


Shooting your wedding is often one of the last things considered at the planning stage, but most valuable after the wedding. If you like what you see, contact us in advance to make an appointment. Our calendar is often filled over a year in advance. Therefore, we accept orders up to 2 years in advance.

Regardless of whether you will have a wedding in a month or in 2 years, you can book your date.


Do you have experience filming South Asian or Indian Weddings?


Yes, we have experience shooting Indian, Jewish, and Asian weddings. We know, understand, and respect the traditions of different nations.


Will you be able to edit the movie if we want to change something?


Yes, after processing is complete, you can tell us what you would like to change. We will make changes in the shortest possible time. We make changes to the video once for free.


May I book fewer hours than what is currently in your packages ?


Yes, we can help you choose the most suitable package of services for your needs and wishes. You can order as many hours of shooting as you like. You can also remove some services or add additional ones.


How and when does your service pay?


Payment takes place in 2 stages: prepayment of $200 of the order value and other on the  one week before the wedding. You can pay by debit or credit card, make a bank transfer, you can pay in cash.

How do you pick the music for the edit?


We choose the music ourselves, but if you want, you can tell us your wishes. We make sure that your video does not violate copyrights, so we buy a license for the use of each musical part. If you want to choose music for yourself, we can send you a website where you can find a music track that you like.


Where can I find your reviews


Our beloved newlyweds give us feedback on this page and on the Yelp site.

What is your style?

We love Fine Art, and this is clearly seen in our works. We love natural light, soft deep colors, and light tender feelings. We perfectly combine journalistic quality and filming. Furthermore, our works are timeless. You will love your photos and videos 20 years from now just as much as you love them now.


Full length film? Trailer Style? Short Movie? What’s the difference?


The difference is the duration of the video. The trailer is a video up to 60 seconds, which is ideal for social networks. You can post it to Instagram or Facebook. Mini clips are 3-6 minute long videos which highlight the important parts of the day. Mini clips don’t show everything, but they do capture the mood and atmosphere of the day very well. A big film is a film lasting up to 30 minutes, depending on the number of hours of video shooting. It is artistically assembled to include all the events of the wedding, including greetings and entertainment.


I'm camera-shy, and I think I look bad on the video.


Do not worry. Maybe you think so because you have not worked with us yet. In fact, we always help and say what to do. There’s no such thing as ugly people, just photographers and videographers who can’t shoot well. During the shooting process, we advise you how to pose and offer a variety of angles to make sure your photos and videos are flattering.


Tell me about your equipment

We use Cinema camera RED and Sony bodies to capture your day in high 4k definition and high frame rate speeds up to 120 FPS. They are the best at capturing footage in low light settings, and give great, dynamic range to color grade. We also use stabilization, audio gear, light gear, gimbals, top dji drone, and so much more to make your video look perfect. For film photos, we use Contax 645.


How much time does it take to process the video?

The processing of photos and videos usually takes 60 days, but you can order the service of express processing. In this case, you will receive the finished result within 9 days.


Do you film family and friends too, or just us?

We film everything!  Most of our trailers are based on our couples, but we film family, the cocktail hour, and all the fun partying we see going on! Our Feature Films are the best examples of our films that show a mix of all that happened on your special day, from moments you remember to moments you didn’t even see!


Will aerial be included in our film?

Our collection includes aerial footage of your venue/location.  Our team is big on safety with aerial footage and approaches each situation with caution, especially around the details of your wedding. We are active in aviation and currently working on our private pilot’s licenses!


how long will our film be?

We can’t say!  We haven’t filmed your wedding yet, so it is so hard to give an exact number.  We estimate this after hearing more about what you are planning for the day so that we can find the best fit for you. Beyond that estimate, it really depends on the amount of content we have from your vows, speeches, and all of your wedding events throughout the day.


How many hours of coverage do you recommend?

This depends solely on your final timeline, but typically we start around 1 hour before the bride is to get dressed.  For the reception, we do not need to stay until the wee hours to get dancing and celebration footage, as we will get that in between all of your reception events….so usually, it’s best we stay until your last main event.


How do you record our vows/speeches/audio throughout the day?

We mic up the groom and the officiant for pristine, clear audio, as well as patch into the house audio.  We patch into the reception feed with your DJ or band and whichever system will be used for speeches.


Do we get the raw footage?

To be completely honest, raw footage is the least useful investment, unless you realize that the value of raw footage is simply peace of mind knowing that you have a copy of all footage after we have taken the time to sift through each second of it.  Remember, we spend countless hours going through the rough footage so you don’t have to! You can order the raw footage à la carte, and then rest assured, you have everything we shot on your wedding day in your possession.


What if we love your trailers, but we are too private to have our cards or vows online?

No problem.  We have a ton of couples who have read their cards for their films, but opted out on having that part in their online trailer.  Vows are a tough one to skip for a trailer, but we certainly keep the most private lines or inside jokes for your feature film, so that you can enjoy those pieces in the privacy of your own home.


Do you use on-camera lighting?

We sometimes set up off camera lighting on light stands if needed, but only for speeches. They are not noticeable, and we do NOT use on-camera lighting that will blind your guests!  We are not trying to kill the colors or ambiance you have created at your reception.


Will adding 2 filmmakers feel not comfortable like super star among  paparazzi?

No!  We do not stand in your face with a camera all day. We truly care that you have the most amazing experience, not just with us, but on your overall wedding day! For this reason, we aim to use longer lenses whenever possible so that we are more of a fly-on-the-wall capturing moments as they unfold.  We love capturing the most candid, real moments, and we can’t do that if you are constantly reminded there is a camera in your face. We want you rest assured we are capturing it all unfolding naturally, while you enjoy every moment of your wedding day!


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