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Sofia & Vladimir

bride & groom

Thank you so much for the stunning footage and the serene, laid-back vibe you brought along. We're incredibly thankful you journeyed all the way to Phuket to capture our wedding and share in our special day. We absolutely adore the final results and are thrilled we chose to work with you. Wishing you success in all your future projects and many more exciting adventures. You guys are amazing!


Tamara Gigola

destination film photographer

Mikhail and Dreamwood films team are among the most skilled and easygoing individuals I've had the pleasure to collaborate with. Their infectious positivity and approach to photography inspire everyone around them. Their work is vibrant and refined, producing aesthetically stunning pieces that you'll want to revisit time and again.

Paskal & Mary

bride & groom

Thanks to you, our day was unforgettable and magical! Each viewing of the video reveals more cherished moments. You've captured a beautiful family legacy in photos and videos brimming with love, tenderness, and joy. We value the emotions, simplicity, and authenticity you portrayed, making our day uniquely special. We truly felt like the stars in our own love story. Heartfelt thanks!



Twin Brothers

Top world wedding showman

We believe that the entire wedding team should be communicative, intellectual, and engaging. We're always delighted to recommend individuals who make the team dynamic enjoyable for everyone involved. Working with the Dreamwood duo is a prime example of this. We appreciate the friendly and cozy atmosphere you create during the shoot and the fantastic material you provide afterward. Our brides consistently follow their hearts and our recommendations, and as you know, we always suggest you. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of the experience.

Christina and Maxim

bride & groom

Thank you immensely for your incredible work and patience at our wedding. You perfectly captured all our wishes in both photos and videos, making us feel very comfortable. The stunning video and beautiful photos, especially the touching moment with the letters, brought tears to our eyes. We're grateful for these precious memories. You are amazing!


Konstantin Vihrev-Smirnov

Cinema director 

Our collaboration with Mikhail and the Dreamwood Firm team in 2016 on Bali was a pivotal moment in our creative journey. Initially meeting them at a meditation retreat in Thailand, we couldn't have anticipated the incredible synergy that would unfold. Upon discovering their professional videography skills, we enthusiastically engaged them for a music video project for the talented musician Dniil Yole. For two months, we worked closely together, navigating challenges and fostering a dynamic creative environment. Reflecting on the experience, our time with Mikhail and his team is remembered with fond nostalgia. Their professionalism and genuine passion for their craft set them apart, infusing every project with love and a deep artistic touch that's rare in the industry. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mikhail and the entire Dreamwood Firm team for their collaboration and the inspiration they provide. - Kos, Lu, and Teya.

Anastasia & Tony

bride & groom

To Mikhail and the Dreamwood team,

We've just finished watching the film and are absolutely thrilled! Every shot and sound track brought the day back to life, stirring deep emotions and joy. Even Andrew, who usually maintains a calm demeanor, was visibly moved and delighted. Your ability to capture and convey the atmosphere, feelings, and emotions of our special day was nothing short of magical. Working with you was a pleasure; your positive energy is truly infectious. The film you've created is a cherished gift that we'll treasure forever. As we step into the new year, we wish you harmony, love, incredible journeys, and vibrant projects. May the year ahead bring joy and fulfillment as you continue to showcase your remarkable talents. Thank you for making our memories so vivid and beautiful.



Wedding magazine 

Our initial reaction to Dreamwood's film was one of awe—it felt like a series of beautiful moments masterfully captured and woven together. Their work is delicate and soulful, highlighting the most unexpected yet touching scenes. When a couple shares a deep understanding of beauty and love, like Michael and Lucy, they have a unique ability to portray the love of others in an unforgettable way. Having encountered many artists in the industry, we can confidently say that Dreamwood truly stands out.


Kate & Michael 

bride & groom

Oh, Mikhail, thank you immensely! There are hardly words to express how truly beautiful it is. Immense gratitude for your artistry and the stunning beauty you've created with Dreamwood Films. You are truly wonderful, and I earnestly hope we'll reunite for our anniversary celebration.


Nastya Vesna

Worldwide film photographer

Mikhail is a kind and radiant individual, a true professional through and through. He prepares for every photo shoot with meticulous attention to detail and love, consistently delivering great results! Working with him and Dreamwood Films is always a pleasure!


Daniele & Galina

bride & groom

Everything is very beautiful. It lets us relive the day :) The photos are very high-quality; the color is stunning! We chose to print photo-paintings in a very large format for our wall, and they are adorable.

The video is very cool, such panoramas, the music is very well chosen, just super! Such a photo and video you want to watch and pass on to your grandchildren! Thank you my dear wizards!



International wedding magazine

It’s such  rare luck to meet a creative couple like Michael and Lucy! They are incredibly delightful people and true professionals. Their photo shoots are notable for unique style and sincerity of emotions which guys so delicately preserve and covey through their works. Every photo shoot that is published in our wedding magazine causes our team to feel tenderness and admiration and stays in our hearts for a long time. Guys, we wish you the very best on your future creative projects! 


John & Susan

bride & groom

We love it! Very cool dynamics, atmosphere, and selected music. Like moments, looks, and the ending even after 100 viewing makes the heart start! Very cool! Copter did his job and that is great! It's great that it was possible to place it all as though the whole day in three minutes. From morning to such a beautiful sunset! And my errands on the grass did not stay aloof. We looked at the photos! Many thanks to Lucy! It's very cool! Colors, camera angles, processing! Very cool! Thank you very much - great work!


Alina Balash

International wedding planner

Michael and Lucy are great professionals and delightful people. With them one can leave all the worries about results behind – they love what they do and pay attention to every detail. And, of course, they have their own unique style of filming and photographing. 



bride & groom

Thank you very much. I burst into tears! Very pleasant memories! Thank you for having saved them and made them so bright and touching at the same time. I'm very pleased with the result!


Cathy Talle

Brand of  Bride dress 

We invited Mikhail to shoot a video for the project "The Forest Song" because we couldn’t find professionals of this level in our country. The preparations were very thorough; Dreamwood paid attention to every small detail. As the result, we got an incredible work of art. Thank you! 


Ivan Zavalko

artist & musician

Michael !!!!!!!

It is inexpressibly beautiful! Perfect, delicious !!!!!!!!!!

I reconsider, cry, and I think that we can die with peace of mind, after such accomplishments and such beauty that we miss! You that subtly felt all the moments, so exactly the images expressed meanings !! Bravo!!! I bow with pride !! Thank you very much! This video inspires many; it's a masterpiece of beauty and subtlety!


Celebrity Wedding Agency

`Worldwide wedding planner

We organize many events, and therefore, we are constantly looking for talented people for making projects together. I remember the first time we saw the guys’ works on the Internet several years ago. We liked their style and view of the world. Their photos and videos were filled with so much warmth and kindness that we immediately wrote to them to find out more about their duo. And since then, our communication developed into something more than just business relationships. They are incredibly talented, easygoing, and very responsible, which is very important these days. Because everyone can say that he/she can shoot well, but only the best can really do it. We love working with Ludmila and Mikhail!!! They are similar to us in many ways, great team workers, and always try to do everything as beautifully and professionally as possible. And it’s not important what we shoot: wedding, workshop or just a creative project. We are always confident that the guys will provide beautiful photos and videos that will be filled with inspiring ideas and love. 

It’s obvious that Ludmila and Mikhail love what they do. This couple is able to capture the most important and beautiful moments in your life and they’ll do it anywhere in the world (Belarus, Russia, Italy, Spain, Thailand etc.). Guys, we are ready to travel to the ends of the earth with you!!! We love you and trust you; we recommend you to everyone. We wish you as many beautiful projects as possible and even more content clients. 


professional model

It's a pleasure to work with Michael; after all, he is a true professional of his business. He always remains invisible, but always manages to capture everything - it's unimaginable! For me, the most important thing is that the videographer is not only a professional, but also a good person, and then I guessed at 100%. Michael was wonderful. I don’t usually say much about working with photographer and videographers, but I highly recommend Michael.


Mary Moon

destination photographer & bloger

I remember meeting Lucy and Michael on a wedding this summer! From the first moments, they seemed nice, kind, easygoing, and very likable. It’s very important for good teamwork to feel 100% comfortable and, I think, we really suit one another. I liked both their attitude to work (attention to details, ability to understand and communicate with clients) and results we got at the end! They have a unique and beautiful view of the world, great taste, and style, which is really important! And, what matters the most, they are people pleasant to communicate with, and I hope that we will work together in the future!


Alina Hvostikova

professional model

I do not have such words to describe our feelings for L when we first saw the result of the work of talented and incomparable Dreamwood! A sense of pride for Dreamwood, love for each other and the island ... Our dear L and M could see and feel US really and deeply. And this track in the video is after all the beating of our hearts! Yesterday, we watched the video at least 20 times. It’s addicting.


Alexandra Esman

international wedding planner

Michael and Lucy are the creative team who know how to capture one of the most important days for a couple beautifully and with great taste. They always approach their work responsibly and with attention to smallest details. They are very comfortable to work with and they always provide photos and videos of high artistic level. I wish you good luck and prosperity! :)


Jessica & Calvin

bride & groom

Then I'll write this: by a fluke, the creation of our wedding video got into the hands of these wonderful, talented, open, bright guys - Lucy and Michael! It's been more than a year since that day, and we are steadily reviewing our film. Michael is not just beautiful, he touches to the depth of his soul and makes you experience those emotions more, more and more .. the most pure and sincere emotions that the children were able to capture so skillfully. I could not even imagine that our love is so beautiful, and still our photo session, at dawn .. simple, easy, and sensual. My husband said that this was the best dawn in his life! I am immensely grateful to you and this gift of destiny - to work with you!


Andrey Semerenko

Top world wedding showman

I’m glad that you are reading these lines; it means that you are on the site of incredible professionals. If you need not just beautiful photos or videos but works of art, then you have found people who will make them for you. I admire these guys, their attitude to work, to people and to life in general. Warm, incredibly delightful and unbelievably kind. When I saw their wedding works, I realized that I had found the best photographers who deserved this title (believe me, because I work on weddings and see many photographers). It’s great to work with them, they are able to catch emotions and capture mood of the day in their works. I recommend this team and guarantee that you will never regret your choice!!!


Nadi & Frank

bride & groom

I met Michael and Lucy in Bali whilst volunteering at our favorite vegetarian community restaurant. On filming day, they made us feel beautiful and comfortable, and it was easy to bring out our connection and love in the photos. I highly recommend Dreamwood!


Dmitry Bykov

International showman

I was lucky to work with this team-couple. And I have something to say about their work. They are great guys who are always in the right place in the right time, who manage to catch real emotions without making people act or make faces. But at the same time they are able to say or to do something to make sincere smiles appear on your guests’ faces. I have only good words to describe these guys!!! Cool, great, positive, active!!! I wish you success and the best clients.


Eugenia and Simeon

bride & groom

It’s a miracle! At first we just cried, then laughed, then enjoyed our memories, and now we just want to watch it again and again!The video is incredible,;the photos are incredible; we go from one tab to another all the time when we watch them: video-photo, video-photo. It’s amazing how you could understand us, our souls. When the video ended with the “Amen” – that was it, no one could stop me. We can’t even express how grateful we are to you, how great and marvelous you and your talents are. Thank you!!! Guys, our dear guys!! We received the small box today...it’s amazing...so much joy and happiness!! We watched the video and photos for the entire evening, they are magnificent, sooooo beautiful, I can’t even express it! Our memories of this day are so incredible!


Tatyana Tchaiko

Destination photographer

I met Michael and Lucy for the first time working on a project for Cathy Telle. Before that, I had been following their work for a long time getting inspiration from all of their projects! The guys actually are like their videos and photos – radiant, sincere and kind. These people embody a rare combination of talent and great personal qualities. It’s so pleasant and easy to be around them and results of their work exceed all expectations! I’m grateful to have had an opportunity to communicate and work with this beautiful couple. And I hope and believe that we will see each other not once in future to work on some new projects or just to talk about art!


Anna and Eugenyi

bride & groom

I watch it every day. We are enrapt, and it’s not just politeness or flattery. It’s beautiful, and you are just incredible artists.

We watched it on a big screen with our whole family; our parents even invited their friends to see it. Girls from Celebrate are thrilled as well. We brought the video to them and watched it together. They love you and your work; all of them are so aesthetically beautiful.

Pasha Lutov

Destination filmphotographer


More than two years ago, I saw a Dreamwood video for the first time, and I watched it more than 10 times in a row :) I realized right away that it was something special! Pictures and compositions that don’t resemble anything. Delicate sense of music and rhythm... And, before everything else, a unique view of the world that distinguishes these undoubtedly talented guys from everyone else. I can say with confidence that Dreamwood duo creates special aesthetic products that are beyond fashion and time.   


Dmitry and Maria

bride & groom

Guys, I have goosebumps, my heart is racing. and I have to tell you – you are so great. It’s so amazing – There are no words to describe what you did. It’s an opportunity to go back there and experience everything again. Thank you so much!!!


Vasily Tsarev

Top 13 showman SPB

I had an opportunity to work with the guys from Dreamwood this year, and I can say with confidence that they’re great team! They work with attention and discipline, and for me, as for a host, the communication with a videographer is very important because in our business everything is done to create beautiful moments, and it’s important to manage to catch them on camera. I also appreciate that they cooperated with me and discussed all the details and approach to the work process. As the result, not only did they make great videos for the couple, they also provided a video for me with scenes and moments that we talked about. I have only good things to say about this couple. Dreamwood are great!




What is the secret of success in any business? My favorite Robert Rozhdestvensky answered this question a long time ago – “Everything begins with love”... If you love your job and try your best, then...then it’s not necessary to say anything else. Because if something is done with love, we can see it right away. Michael and Lucy lend their souls to their works, give all their energy to get the best results. There is so much love and tenderness in their work; only people who are in love themselves could understand and convey those feelings. 


Andrey Ovtcharenko

Film photographer

Wherever Michael and Lucy go, they will always see something beautiful for our eyes and show it to us through their blog or Instagram. When you meet Mikhail and Ludmila at a wedding venue, you clearly understand that the couple has at least two great professionals in their team. I always look forward to meet Michael and Lucy who have great taste in their life, love and work.


Egor and Irina

bride & groom

Irina and I watched the video and looked through photos. Thank you and Ludmila so much! They’re exactly like we wanted: beautiful, romantic, touching, so graceful but, at the same time, with a lot of fun and, most importantly, so sincere! We watched the film and felt differently every time – cried, laughed... We want to express gratitude to you from our family! We are so glad that we’ve met you and that you became the part of the most important day for us. You are true professionals. We feel so much respect to you! We wish you success and prosperity in your family and business :)


Xenia Tyrsikova

International make up artist

I worked with Michael and Lucy several times on different events, and I know for sure that they are polite, punctual, delicate, communicative, intelligent and, of course, incredibly creative people with magnificent sense of beauty. I would definitely trust them to shoot any, even the most intimate moments of my life, because I know: it will be delicate, sweet and beautiful.


Anastasia and Alex

bride & groom

I watched it 10 times already, and I can’t stop crying. Everyone who watched the video says that it’s awesome!! I can't express how lucky I am to enjoy your work! Mikhail!!!!! This is so cool!!!! We are in tears and with smiles on our faces!!! This is fantastic! I’m ready to watch it again and again!


Pavel Melnik

Destination Photographer

It doesn’t happen often that it’s comfortable for me, as for a photographer, to work with a videographer on a wedding. It doesn’t happen often that videographers are able to understand mood of a couple during such a tense (at times) day, that they are able to support, guide, cheer up and to be on the same page with couples in general. And it’s worth much, trust my experience. It’s easy with guys. Not because they are “easy,” but because they are professionals. Good luck!


Tony & Diana

bride & groom

We don’t find ourselves in front of a camera together too often. Our relationships are very intimate for us. In our couple we are, firstly, friends. As to our relationships as a man and a woman – it’s very unusual for us to demonstrate them to other people. That is why it was so important to choose the right photographer. This should have been a person whose mind would be attuned to ours. And Michael and Lucy are exactly people we looked for. They respond to clients very quickly; they are nice and interesting to talk to. It’s very easy to work with them. Calmness, air of inspiration and serenity  - that is what we plunged into during the photo shoot. At the same time, they radiated admiration and excitement from the beauty of the present moment. Most importantly, they really love what they do. We chose the time, location, and the clothes for the photo shoot so attentively and reverently that everything was perfect. Thank you so much, guys! You inspire us with your professionalism, creative approach, and attitude to your job and to life. We wish you success in your projects, unexpected and promising offers and, of course, moments of inspiration! And we will watch our photos and recall that beautiful sunny day that was captured with your cameras.


Olga Drokina


I'm totally ecstatic about the video. So many emotions, feelings, and love in it. I really like how the terrestrial and aero frames are rhythmically changing, simultaneously showing the beauty of the legendary town of Sirmione and the beauty, experiences of the couple, combining into a single story. Great video. Well done!




The film and the clip are incredibly cool, sincere, exactly like we dreamt to see them. You put life into your work. Just take the scene where my dad walks me down the aisle and looks in the camera. It’s touching, tender, and dramatic at the same time. We watched both the film and the clip about 20 times. Parents, friends, grandparents--everyone is in awe. Michael and Lucy, thank you for these memories.




Lucy and Michael usually work as wedding videographers, but when I saw their video, I wanted the same cinematic shots, this tender light, the same delicate storytelling for our family memories. I ordered a live video “a mother and three daughters,” no other instructions. Life is so swift passing that I wanted to stop the moment and preserve it in memory. We spent half a day in Thailand filming, and the work process itself was so comfortable, natural and interesting that we have only positive impressions of this experience. I wanted to continue this story a year later when I was in Phuket, but we missed each other that time. They were in Bali, alas...but I want to believe that we will meet again!


Alyona and Andrei 

bride & groom

In our modern and constantly developing life, the Internet opens the door to the big world of information before us. Every one of us uses Internet every day. On the Internet people also find useful information, watch films, read articles about technologies, sports, travelling and, most interestingly, on the Internet people sometimes find each other. And we found Michael and Lucy this way. They say that you need only one minute to spot the person in a crowd. And it’s not a secret that we have watched a lot of photos and videos, but only one minute was enough for Michael’s and Lucy’s work to sink into our hearts. If you trust the small world of relationships and love to each other, they will give all their energy and talent so that THE FILM about you that you will watch again and again appears in your life!! But it’s not just the film...Photographs shot by Lucy are vivid, breathing, tender...their creative duo is perfect!!! Now there is a “One day story” about us in our home. And we look at the photos every day!


Maria and Dmitry

bride & groom

Michael & Lucy, I’m so impressed with the clip! This is exactly what I wanted! All the feelings and atmosphere of the day in a 5-minute video, it’s really cool! Thank you so much! You are unbelievably talented people, and I’m glad that I chose you!  On the wedding day, we had some staged shootings at the beginning of the celebration, and we didn’t know what was happening next. My husband and I actually forgot that there was filming going on and that a photographer was always shooting; we just relaxed and enjoyed our wedding. When I saw what you guys made for us, I was amazed. The emotions were caught on camera so accurately and brightly; you didn’t forget a single detail – faces, style, mood! It’s incredible that you managed to express the mood of the celebration in a 5-minute video! Michael, Lucy, thank you for letting us experience the most important day for us again. Every time we watch the film and the clip, we’ll think about you with gratitude and admiration.


Tatyana and Alexis

bride & groom

Guys! I’m so thrilled that I’m speechless! Photos on the flash card – I haven’t looked through all of them yet, but I’m already extremely excited!! And the box, the flash cards, printed photos – just WOW! You are so great! And we are so glad that we chose you!! Thank you so, so much, Michael and Lucy! We invited our friends and watched the video together. Our friends were so emotional. My emotions haven’t faded, and I’ve watched the video six time. It’s perfect.


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