Daniele & Halina. Italian.   

Italy. Lake Maggiore.

Tell us about planning the wedding.


It took us more than 7 months to plan and prepare the wedding. I dreamt of magical, perfect wedding where every detail would be thoroughly thought through to complement the style of decorations and mood of this wonderful day. At first, we thought that we would be able to plan the wedding on our own, but very soon we realized that we don’t have enough experience and that we need professional help. We chose one of the best event-agencies and didn’t regret it one second – the wedding was perfect! We just shared our ideas and wishes with the team. After that, all we had to do was watch these brilliant people bring everything we wanted to life with great professional enthusiasm. Choosing a venue, decorations, looking for good photographers, videographers, musicians, host... It would be very difficult to manage all of that on our own.


Bride’s experience


It was magical! I dreamt of a wedding in Italy, in some beautiful villa beside a lake where we could enjoy the view of the sunset. I wished to hear beautiful classical music during the ceremony and reception, and I wanted decorations to be simple but exquisite. And all my wishes were fulfilled by fairies from our agency! One of the most important details for me were flowers. I love pink peonies; they always remind me of my grandmother and of the happiest days of my childhood. I wanted them in my wedding bouquet so much. And despite our wedding took place in June, I got my perfect bouquet. It was unbelievably beautiful! I didn’t want to part with it even for a second. Search for a wedding dress is also worth mentioning. We’ve been to more than 15 wedding boutiques in Minsk and Milan, I tried dozens of beautiful dresses on, but I couldn’t find the perfect one, THE Dress. Finally, we decided to order a custom-made dress, borrowing the best elements from all the designs we’ve seen. And it was the right decision; I’m very happy we did it.


Tell us about the style of your wedding: what kind of decorations, colors, flowers did you choose?


As I’ve said before, I wanted wedding decorations to be simple but exquisite. So we kept it in mind choosing all the details. The palette of the wedding consisted of tender pastel shades: pink, silver, green, white. Decorations were simple and elegant. Our team offered us to divide the space of the venue into 4 sections: standing buffet section, lunch section, dessert section, and grill-dinner section, we agreed. Apart from it sections for children’ entertainment were prepared. Also our agency helped us to prepare on-site registration and boudoir shooting. We invited many guests, more than a hundred people, so there was a lot of work to do. But everything was perfect; our friends still tell us how much they enjoyed the celebration.


Tell us about the highlights: which moments were the most memorable? 


It was an exciting and wonderful day. I worried that something might have gone wrong, but from the beginning to the very end everything was happening exactly as we planned. Everything was beautiful – morning preparations, joyful conversations with guests, music... But the most memorable moment for me was, of course, the ceremony. It was a magical moment: to the strains of moving music, I walked with my father towards a beautiful arch where my future husband was waiting... Even now, when I think about it, my heart is filled with happiness and excitement.


Share your experience with other couples. What tips could you give?


First of all, start planning your wedding in advance, at least several months before the event. That way you will be able to prepare and think everything through without rush. Find good wedding managers: trust me, if you don’t work in this area, it will be very difficult to think of all the details, find the best offers and consider all the nuances of this event. Besides, it will require a lot of time, which many of us don’t have. Don’t be shy to tell your managers about your ideas and wishes. It will make their work simpler, and you’ll get the result you want. If you are unsatisfied with your managers’ work for some reason, don’t be afraid to tell them. Actually, don’t be afraid to go as far as hiring a new team, if necessary. A wedding is a very important event, and everything should be as you want it to be. Don’t save money on photographers and videographers: great photos and videos will help you preserve your memories about this beautiful day for a long time. And my last advice: don’t agree to something you are not entirely confident about. People who work on your wedding, venue, wedding dress... You should like everything 100% and be sure that the choice you’re making is right. And if you have doubts, don’t stop – look for something or someone better.

Our team:

Photographer: Liudmila Nilava - Dreamwood
Videographer : Mikhail Nilov - Dreamwood

Planner: Event agency Celebrity
Decor: Eugenia Dragun

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