“I love you, and I will love you till I stop breathing. I know this for sure. You are my horizon; all my thoughts come down to you. Whatever happens – you will be the most important person for me. And it has always been like that. Always.” – Erich Maria Remarque.


At the middle of September of 2015, we were fortunate to shoot a wedding day in Rostov–on-Don. The hired manager was responsible for overseeing all the aspects of the most important day in the lives of this young couple. Because finding the perfect videographer (in this case – 1600 kilometers away from the wedding place) may require hours of looking through portfolios of different professionals, we love it when people pay so much attention to all the details: image, style, light, small things that impact the whole mood of the evening. The scale of the job done during preparations for this project is tremendous. Much of the credit goes to Anna Shishkina (Nostra Storia, wedding manager, stylist). She seems to be a true wizard. We communicated quite a bit before the wedding and became good friends. Later, she worked on our workshop in Sochi, but we will tell you about it in another article. We can tell you many great things about Anna, but there is only one conclusion: if you are in Taganrog, Rostov, or Sochi and you are looking for a great manager with good taste, who is reliable, responsible and pleasant, contact Nostra Storia Wedding Planner Studio.  


Everything was marvelous and perfect: a young and cheerful bride and a groom with great taste, the groom’s friends wearing bow ties and glasses, the bridesmaids in beautiful dresses, little flower bouquets, a wonderful bride’s dress and groom’s suit, sky-blue water in the swimming pool, huge shining letters and fairy lights and so much more interesting details...


I also would like to mention the photographer we worked with within this team. Andrey Ovtcharenko turned out to be not only the true professional we heard a lot about but also a very pleasant person. We find his style very moving and delightful. We recommend him. It was Andrey who took the photos used in this article. On-site marriage registration took place just by the pool after the sunset. We were quite worried at the beginning, but everything turned out great. I have already mentioned in one of the articles that it is very important to find a good lighting technician and rent the best equipment, and I will never get tired of repeating it. It is important because good light creates great photos and videos, and if the lights are placed with skill, they’ll add special charm to every event and, when necessary, will add a lot of drive!


The first dance at night in spotlights was so beautiful! People sometimes ask me how to make the first dance showier. First of all, the dance itself may be fascinating and exciting to watch, but even if it’s just elegant and consists of the simplest moves, it can be spiced up. The couple used fireworks. It was very cool and tasteful, but remember that it’s quite easy to spoil the first dance with fireworks. Light devices and projectors may also accent your dance beautifully; you may also use heavy smoke or just smoke, but be careful with the latter. Confetti also looks fantastic.

Video: Dreamwood

Planner: Nostra Storia 
Polygraphy: Renne 
Butterflies of the groom and friends: Mr. Mariposa 
The shining letters: #joyful_heart_rnd 
Instagram: #D_M_wedding