Man is the product of his dominant thoughts. For he becomes what he thinks about for more time. Mahatma Gandhi

Chapter 1.


Dear friends! It's time to share it! To be honest, I have worried for a long time; my knees are shaking, and my heart is beating more often than usual. Our new brainchild is called Dream Moon. Yes, yes, we used to have DreamWood, which in general has not disappeared and successfully continues its existence, but now the Dream Moon has appeared. That's only here the story is not about shooting. Dream Moon is our new brand of jewelry invented by Luda. For a year, we dreamed of implementing the sketches created during our travels, and this moment has come. 


Under the strict guidance, Luda’s beloved sketches began to acquire a material form of silver and various stones. Well, having found our courage, we now want to introduce you to Dream Moon! And today we will introduce you to our first products! 


I would like to tell you a story about how it all began! We travel a lot, and traveling has long been an integral part of our lives. It inspires like nothing else! And perhaps Asia gave me the greatest inspiration! Nowhere else did my heart feel what was revealed to him in Asia. As an artist, I felt a strong desire to paint again! The inspiration was overflowing, and it was necessary to find a release. I drew a lot. Abstract images, patterns from Indian elements, mandalas with motives of Thailand and Bali, unconscious drawing, portraits of Buddha, Shiva, Krishna, islanders and their incredible world and much much more. The nature and elements of Asian architecture are hooked the most - bizarre shapes, bends, curls, reliefs, decor, attention to detail in every inch of huge buildings and especially temples. Religion! Of course, I was insanely inspired by Asian religions. Multifaceted Hinduism, in its various manifestations, Buddhism, strange Balinese animismo-Hinduism with the worship of the island's spirits, shamanism. I wanted to know all these religions better. So my drawings became more and more meaningful and filled, both spiritually and energetically. Began to be born drawings - amulets that could be hung around the house, thereby creating a certain energy space - this is both protection and balancing of energy; this is the normalization of harmony, tranquility. Even then, without understanding myself, I created what will inspire me in the future to create jewelry. I saw this inspiration in my own drawings! It was like magic. In each of my sketches, I began to see the elements of the ornaments. I began to separate them, drawing apart the small details. So began to appear the first sketches of ornaments. It was 4 years ago in one of our travels, imagine how long ago! I was enveloped by a stream.I only painted decorations for a few weeks! Without any goals, the stream just walked and I just drew.


Over the past 4 years, this inspiration has come to me more than once, and at some point, I realized that I needed to do something about it. Sketches no longer fit into the folder, and at some point, they became difficult to transport; some began to get lost. Then we realized that they were drawn and created not to lie somewhere on the shelf from year to year collecting dust but rather to share with the world. And so, our jewelry line, Dream Moon, was created.


All are invited to visit our new site. Be happy!