“Wonderful and meaningful acquaintance with Kos and Lu on Phangan, then - two months on Bali, and this is the result of our work: the first music video by my band called “Dreams of Branches” for the song “Seeing you.” It turned out great, and I’m really happy. Special thanks to Mikhail Nilov and Ludmila Nilova for wonderful shots and your talents, to Kos for high-mindedness, a sense of purpose, advice and brisk managerial energy, thanks to Lu for filling this whole process with spirit and to Alyona for love and inspiration.” Daniil Yole.


This winter, we had an opportunity to work on our first music video project. We have never worked in this genre before, so for us, it was kind of a debut. From time to time, of course, we thought about the broadening scope of our professional activities and working on music videos. However, before this project, all those plans ended in dreams. Finally, we came across a real opportunity. One day, we were offered to shoot a music video. We chose the magical island of Bali because of its unlimited opportunities. We worked with Daniil Yole, a musician, singer, and songwriter of great depth.


Many talented people worked on this video; they supported and helped us in everything. And, of course, we must mention the insanely talented family duo Kos Vihrev-Smirnov (Kos) and Lu Tolkatchova (Lu). They are director and art director of the music clip. Without them, it wouldn’t turn out the way it did. We were like Yin and Yang sometimes, but other times, it was more like fire and water: we argued passionately defending our views on directing, composition, and camera work, but because of it, the clip was getting better and better.


Apparently, for this music video to come out as it did, the stars must have had aligned. We met the future director of the clip for the first time during a retreat in a bonzer on Samui island, which is quite outstanding already. At the time, we could only dream humbly about shooting our first music video, but even then, we knew that it would have to be sincere, profound, and have a strong message for this world, making viewers think about important things in their lives. We didn’t want to shoot vain clips, and Kos, apparently, thought about similar things.


One month after this acquaintance we met Kos and Lu in Indonesia on Bali island, and soon they offered to work on a music video together. Of course, we took the offer right away! And so the work began, with the first month full of planning, writing, and preparations. We shot a lot during that period of time and visited many sights of this beautiful island. We tried to find locations that would not only accent the message of the clip, but that would also take viewer’s breath away. The second month of shooting slipped away pretty quickly too. And then there were 500 GB of video materials for montage, sleepless nights, coffee and green cocktails. And in the end, we got a great music video.


The first showing took place in a very important place for Bali and Ubud, in villa Santa Mandala. A Frenchman built it for his grandmother 30 years ago. Later, the villa became the popular gathering place of Balis’ intellectuals, yogis, and shamans. It was so great to hear a battery of applause and exclamations: - “Let’s watch it again!”


And here are some backstage photos.


Co-production: Eclectic Sun Production and Dreamwood
Song Author: Daniel Yule
The director-producer, executive producer: Kos Vikhrev-Smirnov
General Producer: Daniel Yule
The artist and the second directed by: Catherine Lu Tolkachev
Director of photography and editing director: Michael Nilov
The second statement: Liudmila Nil
Starring: Daniel Yule, Marli Miguel, Anna Kondakova, Anton Ostapko, Diana, Charles, Catherine Lu Tolkachev
Scenario: Kos Vikhrev-Smirnov, Catherine Lu Tolkachev
Postproduction: Michael Nilov, Kos Vikhrev-Smirnov
Aerial photography: Vladimir Tkachuk
Props: Alena Alexandrova
Arrangement: Stas Nagaev, Daniel Yule, Vitaly Tkachuk, Alexander Kostyuchenko

The actors crowd scenes: Anna Devidara, Eugene Litus, Daniil Korolev, Evgeny Fazleyev Ivan Zavalko, Dmitry Karpov, Devendra Shirokoborodov, Teona Smirnov, Sergei Mitropolsky Anna Klimantova Vladimir Aleksin, Georgy Lebedev, Daria Lebedeva, Anton Nehoda, Polina Filippova, Ivan Samorodov Yulia Sokolova, Daria Shcherbakova, Inessa Abbasov, Andrei Bogomolov, Wayan, Ketut, Neman, Made

Thank you, Alena Alexandrova Nina Livanov, Andrew Matroskin, Wick Hartung, Anna Klimantova, Yevgeny Volk, Katya Rudenko Maria Vissar Anton Nehoda, Lena Starostin, Elena Yakimova, Rostislav Mazurkiewicz, Pavel Melnikov, Lisa Matusow, Polina Filippova, Albert Sultanov Andrey Antonov, Dasha Shcherbakov Ivan Samorodov, Eugene Fazleyev, cafes 9 angels, Alexander Kolesnik, Jacob Arjuna, Artem Derevyanko, Olga Shuruht Julia Victoria Frost, Santa Mandala space, Silvius Forest, Tatiana Lisovskaya, Sergei Mitropolsky Anna Dakini

Dania: I thank the guys that took off: Miguel Marley Anna Kondakova, Anton Ostapko Diana Charles. Thanks to the pilot Vova Tkachuk for aerial photography, sound engineer Stas Nagaev for the arrangement, Vitaly Tkachuk for space bansuri, Van Samorodova per car. Thank Annushka DeviDara, Litus wife, Dana Korolev and everyone who was on the set of mass scenes, as well as Balinese kids Wayan, Ketut, Neman, Made, terimaksi Suksma you)) Our kids Devi and Thea also appeared))

Andrew and Nina, thank you for your introduction to Loukkos River)) Space Santa Mandala and cafes 9angels, Sasha Kolesnik, Yasha Arjuna for the ceremony, thank you all for the manifestation, and the professional and human qualities at the same time. I thank the Creator that all of us gathered here and gave to prove himself.

Konstantin Vihrev-Smirnov Ekaterina Lu Tolkacheva Mikhail Nilau Людмила Рысь  Alyona Alexandrova Miguel Marley Анна Кондакова Antony Stereovoice Diana Karlova Vladimir Tkachuk Стас Нагаев Devi Dara Daniil Korolev Евгений Фазлеев Ivan Zavalko Ivan Samorodov Сергей Митропольский Anna Klimantova George Lebedev Daria Lebedeva Антон Негода Polina Chintamani Natasha Nikolaevna Nina Livanova Viktoria Hartung Evgenia Volk Madhavi Devi Maria Manime Lena Starostina Лена Шкарубо Mather Anahata Lisa Matusova Pavel Melnikov Albert Alba SultanovАндрій Антонов Aleksandr Kolesnik Yakov Arjuna Артём Деревянко Olga Shuruht Yulia-Viktoria Moroz Sylvius Forest Tatiana Lisovskaya Anna DakiniAlex Mazut Amma Ram Santa Mandala Bali. Ubud - сердце острова.Komang Priatna Suardi Fedor Sivtsov Жизнь на Бали Вместе на Бали)Natalya Nishnianidze Nelli Fedosenko Andrey Almazoff Arkady Volk Vasilina Nazarova DimKa Kostenko Dina Dudina Dina Shakirova Дмитрий ДишандиПАНГАН-КО-ПАНГАН Koh Phangan People Вадим Шкляр Dmitry ZubkovAlexey Zavodskiy Сны ветвей Anna Ionova Tomas Polik Полина ДаскалPteni Love Айбат Жомарт Yaroslav Andriyanov Michael Chigarkov Dmitriy Sivtsov Семён Соловьёв Stefaniya Denisko Denis Maximov Maria MakarovaIgor Boudnikov Amrita Inguran Inna Kozyreva Vladimir Trillobeat Karuna RamVasiliy Karavaev Nadya Fomicheva Kony