From a bird's-eye view, the world reveals itself from a completely different perspective, you fly and the hidden becomes obvious, for a moment you can feel what birds feel, the feeling of freedom. I like to shoot our planet from the air; it's beautiful. I love it. Getting higher is better to understand its scale and our insignificant place on its surface, and at the same time, all worries and experiences become less on the scale of our mother earth. It is alive, the rivers winding like the capillaries of a living person, volcanic valleys like the skin of an elder and the ocean ... endless and strong. Like any other place on this planet, the island of Tenerife opened to us as those who carry love in their hearts. With love

.. Everything that you see with your eyes and everything that is hidden from your eyes is an opportunity.

You are the breath of opportunity.

And if there is a boundary between what is and what can be, then this border is you.

And what can be, but not yet, is not your property, but you are the gate, and you are the gatekeeper.

And if it were not for you, there would be no lips to drink, and then to touch other lips, and to blow on the wounds, and to whisper words.

Open your eyes, for there are no other eyes by the sea and the sky.

Follow the trail behind your love, and do not have to loop and guess.

And then - when you do it, whales come to you and become close ...