We chose more a difficult and interesting path making next level, high-quality wedding videos. This level was previously unapproachable due to high costs and complexity. However, we film only in movie format, accepting all its peculiarities and celebrating the high potential of color editing.


I have had a passion for cinematography for quite some time. At different stages of my life, I dedicated more or less time to it, but I continued growing and learning. One must always be a student of the craft; for when one stops learning, one’s skills stagnate. As such, it’s very important to find your inspiration. Different things inspire different people, but for us, our main source of inspiration stems from travelling. Every year we travel for several months looking for adventures, crossing borders, and visiting countries. We study this beautiful world and take journeys into our inner worlds, always revealing something new and becoming better.


Now, in regarding to filming weddings:


All videographers who shoot in DSLR always try to bring the quality of their videos in line with movie quality. However, only a few people are actually able to do it effectively. They use different methods and techniques for that, and some of them actually work. One such method is image framing, which consists of reducing the height of a frame to 2,35:1 proportion and thus creating a movie effect (This is one of the formats movies are shot in.) There were times when I did it as well. There are even narrower formats, but at the end of the day, it is the same as placing a racing spoiler on an old “bug.” It’s still not going to be a race car.


High-quality wedding videos are a difficult market due to the expenses and time involved. However, we revel in the challenge, constantly seeking to produce higher quality sound and choosing the perfect music, which is why we have a recording engineer in our team who listens to the recorded sound materials and edits them.