Inspiration is like falling in love for the first time when heart jumps out of your chest, anticipating incredible encounters, beautiful eyes, smiles, and innuendos. Inspiration comes to us like a bright summer morning that just cast away mists of the quiet night, rustling with wet leaves and shining with dew. (K.G. Paustovsky)


As for any other creative people, inspiration is as important for us as the air we breathe. It gives us the power to create only what we want, what we feel, and what we see, without any bounds or limitations.  It gives us the opportunity to show people something new and thrillingly beautiful. We were lucky to become part of the team of the workshop with Nastya Vesna where we shot three incredibly beautiful stories. The event took place in Kronon Park Hotel, and due to Nastya & Maxim, and the great organization work by Kristina, a good mood and creativity were in the air. Tremendous work was done, hundreds of people waited for reviews of this event. During these two beautiful days, we shot a boudoir morning, the young and tender bride and, of course, a very interesting international couple.

L'amour, Créer, Flottant