”Love is when you want to experience with someone four seasons when you want to hide with someone under a blooming lilac bush from a spring storm and gather berries and swim in a river in Summer. When you want to make jam and tape up the windows together in Autumn and help someone survive colds and long evenings in Winter.”


The general impression of the wedding day, your emotions during the event and memories about it almost entirely depend on your preparations. Remember, there are no insignificant details during wedding preparations. Bridesmaids’ dresses, suits for grooms’ friends, floral arrangements, decorations, the bridal gown, and dozens of other items are essential, so you shouldn’t try to rank them by importance.


Don’t be afraid to include children in your wedding; it’s their celebration as well. Many of us have cats or dogs who stay at home alone while everyone else is having a good time. Take them with you if your venue allows you to.


I also want to mention the cover band (DeTroit Cover Band) that performed that evening. I have seen a lot of great bands throughout my career, but this one just blew my mind. They were so wonderful that I wanted to put my camera down and dance with the guests. Not only did they play the best songs, they also also created some indescribable vibes that we usually expect from live concerts. The band’s energy, especially the frontwoman, Inga, can be compared to live performances of popular western bands. So, if someone ever asks me to recommend a band in Belarus, I’ll tell them about DeTroit.

Wedding cinematography: Dreamwood
Photographer: Alina Hvostikova 
Floristry: botanique 
Sound/light: PRO-SOUND 
Cover band:  DeTroit Cover band
Artist: Sasha Nemo
Dresses bridesmaids: There Are No Trifles (нет мелочей)
Location: www.shishki.info
Bridesmaid dress: kuraje.by
The look of the groom: us.suitsupply.com
MUAH: Victoria Korovkiina 

with love...