We had one straw hat, two bar stools, white cotton shorts, a balcony with warm translucent light, and a view of an endless palm forest. We had just finished a romantic photoshoot in the oriental-style interiors of the luxurious villa and came out on the terrace to celebrate it with a whiff of tropical air.


Morning breakfast in Forbidden City. Beijing

Colors of India. The bright coloring of countries in south-eastern Asia inspired this love story, told with vibrant, deep colors. The interior, clothes, and general mood of the photos depict the character of our models – they are as bright and special!


Love is unity and acceptance. At some point you realize, my dear friend, that all that you see and call others that are different from you is yours. These are not loud words, and not quiet words, and not even words. 


We love simple and nice shots, ones without excessive details and decorations. We like to shoot people in their sincerity, naturalness, lightness and simplicity. In this article, we want to share one such photoshoot with you. A beautiful woman, seashore, air, lightness, smiles, natural, and sincere emotions. It is simple and very beautiful.


Honey, we will fill the oceans of new love. It will fly over the depths of fears and will whisper to you with every wave, washing feet: "I love." That's why you are always so drawn to the sea, that's why you are so devoted to him and faithful only to the ebb and flow. You remember with your inner silence that you once stood on the shore and absorbed this rhythmic calm, the wisdom of the earth itself, the tears of your past lives - the ocean.