Mystery and enigma, gloominess, languor, and beauty – these words came to mind when we planned this photoshoot.


People often think that to have a beautiful wedding photo shoot one has to go abroad and spend lots of money. We wanted to show that it’s possible to make beautiful photos without traveling far and wasting your savings. For that, we chose Sochi, a beautiful Russian city with multiple unique locations.


The location of the photoshoot established the style: time-worn bohemian architecture, dark colors, gloomy, ivied and moth-grown walls. In all this, we saw incredible beauty. Then we started to look for a couple; it wasn’t easy. But when we finally found our models and the final image took shape in our heads, we were thrilled. Tatyana Kotchnova made an unbelievable dress for this photoshoot. It brought to mind those same words: mystery, gloominess, enigma, casual bohemity.


On the shooting day, everything was just perfect; our couple got into their roles very naturally. They managed to express everything we thought of and even what we didn’t think of. They added their own bright feelings to the gloominess and their small details — glances, touches, intangible silent communication--finalized the shoot. Everything turned out just like we had wanted.

Special thanks to:

Photographer: @ludmilanilova
Planner: @nostra_storia
Dresses: @tatyanakochnova
Video: Mikhail Nilov  -  @mikhail_nilov
Printing: Studio Nikolietta @nikolietta_calligraphy

Lingerie: @ellybasko


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