We couldn’t even imagine what this island had in store for us! But, from the first day of our acquaintance, we were certain that we would cherish memories of the days we spent in Bali for a very long time.


Indonesia is a wonderful country of contrasts. An enigmatic and mysterious Bali island could undoubtedly be called the cradle of mankind. Here, far from the mainland, so many things became firmly and whimsically intertwined throughout the centuries: ancient and unique religion, sacred places where spirits dwell, sleeping volcanoes, impenetrable jungle, powerful waterfalls, boundless ocean and numerous cultures that tried to change this island so many times but changed themselves instead.


Our names are Alina and Alexei. We have been together (never parting with our cameras) for ten years. During this time, we traveled to many countries, visited numerous cities and nature reserves, always coming back home with flash drives full of beautiful pictures. Those pictures take us back to the most beautiful places of our planet like a time machine; they remind us that everything we remember actually happened, that it wasn’t just a beautiful dream.


The only thing that may upset us when we look at the pictures is lack of photos of us both together. Many professional photographers probably have the same problem. They just don’t have time to make those photos, because even though it’s possible to shoot with a time delay, it’s impossible to control all the artistic aspects of photos and timing of emotions that way. That is why we decided to make up for it in Bali. And when we’ve met Mikhail and Ludmila all the questions about who should photograph us disappeared!


We became very good friends with them and trusted them for this photoshoot.

Mikhail and Ludmila recommended the place for the photoshoot. The atmosphere of the villa where retreats take place is very relaxing. It felt like we plunged into a quintessence, into an invisible cloud where time slows down and all the movements become flowing, where thoughts are unhurried, and emotions are incredibly peaceful. Even six months later these pictures, like a mandala, calm our thoughts and relax us, they take us back to this wonderful island, to the place of harmony and might.

We had one straw hat, two bar stools, white cotton shorts and a balcony with warm translucent light and a view of endless palm forest. We just finished a romantic photoshoot in oriental-style interiors of the luxurious villa and came out on the terrace to celebrate it with a whiff of heady tropical air. The photoshoot was very relaxed and calm. Our photographers compared it to the film “Only Lovers Left Alive.” They said we resembled the main characters, 500-years old vampires who had nowhere to hurry. It’s true, in Bali one doesn’t want to hurry at all. And maybe there was scent of sweet thunderstorm in the air, or we, as the film characters, longed for passion...a strap of the dress slid off the shoulder, the wind lifted the skirt revealing ankles and knees, a spark appeared between the models who seemed shy and modest just a minute ago and something unusual, new for them both came out of their souls into this world. The photographer immediately supported the impulse, and it resulted in aesthetically pleasing, impassioned and vivid collection of photos, which became one of my all-time favorites!




Photographer: Lucy N - Dreamwood
Videographer : Michael N - Dreamwood


Locaton: Bali, Indonesia


With love...