“Love is a priceless gift. It’s the only thing that we give away but that will always be with us.” – Lev Tolstoy.

In October 2015, Fine Art photographer D’Arcy Benincosa organized a workshop. We find her style very interesting and moving, so it was a great honor to become part of her workshops’ team. This magical event was to take place in Abkhazia, which seemed quite intriguing already. We felt that it would be a marvelous trip with many pleasant acquaintances, exchanging experience, mountains, valleys, canyons, cliffs, mountain streams, lakes, tumble-down villas and, of course, Abkhazias’ cuisine.  All our anticipations were 100% realized, and every participant of the workshop was enraptured.


The workshop lasted 5 days, and what a great 5 days they were! :) On the first day, after everyone arrived, a great dinner was served. Abkhazian cuisine has so much to offer, even the vegetarians were delighted :). And decorations, floristics and attention to details set the mood of this great week from the very first moments.


All the participants worked hard; every one of them did the very best he/she could. Elena Romanova and GreenMay flower studio created amazing bouquet and table flower arrangements; they were true pieces of art. What is more, Elena is a lovely and interesting person.


Nicoletta Studio  made stylish and very beautiful printwork. (The photo above is by Sergey Zintchenko).


On the second day, we shot a couple in an image that was new for us. The suit and dress were designed in classical style.  The brides’ dress by Natalia Lenko was high-necked, and it added tenderness, restraint and humility to the image completed with excellent jewelry by www.kristin-hayes-jewelry.myshopify.com.


In the evening, we ate a beautiful dinner by candlelight.  


I also want to thank excellent photographer Igor Kovtchegin for providing photos for this article. All the photos were shot on film and developed and scanned in Goodman Film Lab.