About Us

Hello! Nice to meet you. Dreamwood is a creative team of  Mikhail and Mila.  Mikhail N.  is a wedding cinematographer and second photographer. Lucy is a photographer and second videographer. We try to combine simple, pure frames with the emotional moments to perfectly capture our clients’ special day. Shooting is always a kind of magic, when life and the current moment freeze inside a small camera to save wonderful memories. Most of all, we love to photograph people - their feelings, emotions, and of course, their love! And if people lift the veil from their own world, where their love lives and allow us to take a careful look at it, then this is the real and the most powerful inspiration for us to create memories through film. 


We highly appreciate the deep spiritual world, simplicity, sincerity, honest emotions, naturalness and of course, love. It is from love that the most beautiful aspects of this world begin.


There are moments you will always want to remember, invaluable moments of intimacy and family creation, when all your relatives and beloved friends are near you, tears of joy and laughter, warm embraces of dear people, words of congratulations. We capture these priceless moments and turn them into a work of art.


The quality of our work and approach has become world renowned. In recent years, we have filmed in the  China, Italy, France, Indonesia, Finland, Spain, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Greece, Abkhazia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.


Our Story


Our journey in wedding photography and videography began many years ago. We have always enjoyed art and realized that this is precisely what the modern wedding video and photography is lacking now. We started doing photos and videos in 2005. Since then, the level of our work has grown immensely. Lucy studied clothing design for 5 years, and after university, she released a collection of clothes and participated in a fashion show. During this time, she developed as a photographer. Michael has an International Lawyer's degree, but after working for a short time in this specialty, he realized that he wanted to develop in video filming. We soon focused our educational outlets on field of wedding photography and video. We visited many workshops, created inspirational shots, experimented with new techniques, and developed our aesthetic. In the end, in 2015, we found our style and honed our skills. It took us 10 years of training to become one of the best wedding professionals in the world, but that hasn’t stopped us. We continue to learn and improve to be able to deliver the best possible photos and videos to our clients. 

We believe that a person gets the best development, inspiration and experience on a journey; therefore, every year we go on a long journey and an expedition to different parts of our planet. So, after one of these trips, we created our own brand of handmade jewelry, called

Dream Moon.Over the past few years, we have also become members of the premium photo bank Stoksy, where the best photographers and videographers from all over the world currently post their photos and videos.


Our team

Mikhail Nilov


Mikhail  is the main videographer for Dreamwood. He films and edits all the video himself, serving as the director, screenwriter and second photographer. He is also responsible for communication with customers and provides support at all stages of preparation or post-production.


Mila Nilova


Lucy is the main photographer for Dreamwood. While she is the second videographer. She is a director and artist who works with medium format film.


Nick P.


Nick, cheerful and kind guy. It is he who helps you find us. Nick creates advertisements and helps you get inspired by this ad.

Arthur V.


Arthur is engaged in video processing. This is a creative and talented editor.

Joe A.


Joe is an important team member. This is the first person you will talk to when ordering shooting services. Joe will help you find a package of services that is well suited for you.




We make uniquely customized photos and videos that save your most precious days for generations to come. Consider it like a moving family picture!  


We specialize in classical (fine art) wedding photography and cinematography.  When you look through our portfolio, you will see timeless photos that celebrate these special events, preserving these memories for years to come. We use the highest quality equipment and natural light to capture unique, authentic images. Oversaturated colors or vintage looks aren’t part of our aesthetic, as these are fleeting trends. Instead, we prefer lasting, breathtaking images.


Since customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, we are happy to have clients be as highly or as little involved in the editing process as they wish. If you would like input on the film, during editing, we’ll collaborate with you to locate the fundamental focal point of your film and the melodic score. However, if you prefer to “surrender the reins,” we are happy to work our magic and send you the final result.




Due to our connection as a couple and our blend of film and video, we notice details other professionals miss. We work together to provide an astute attention to detail, capturing tiny truffles and encapsulating a woman’s femininity.

We were one of the first videographers to start shooting weddings using anamorphic cinema optics, which allowed wedding films to become a real art. In photography, we prefer to combine digital and film photography. A digital photo can save the reportage and events of the wedding day, and the film photo can show the depth, color and aesthetics.

We have a great deal of experience and talent to notice fine details, create epic compositions, and at the same time, capture all the events of the day.



A hard-working, driven individual, Michael enjoys travel, yoga, healthy eating, mindfulness, and leading an active lifestyle. He also enjoys diving, aviation, and cooking. Most of all, though, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and dog. Together, he and his wife created the Dream Moon Jewelry brand. Dream Moon jewelry brand. Ever the adventurer, Michael once rode on a 25-day motorcycle expedition to the small Sunda Islands. He slept on a shelf for 2 days on an Indian train, sank with an aqualung, surfed, meditated, and read books. on an Indian train in the general carriage, sank with an aqualung, loved surfing, meditation, reading books. His favorite fruits are durians and mangos.

Lucy loves art in all its manifestations. She loves to draw and experiment with materials. As a creator, the camera is a continuation of her creative vision. She loves traveling and has visited and lived in many countries with Michael. She is also the designer and co-owner  of the Dream Moon jewelry brand. 

Lucy is a vegetarian and dreamer. She loves healthy thinking and living. She is also a minimalist, who loves Italian cuisine and tea matcha greens with oat milk. Most importantly, she loves her husband, daughter, and dog.




October - March


During these months, we are based in Bali and work throughout Southeast Asia.


March - June


During these months, we are based in Moscow, but we also film far beyond its borders. We often travel to other cities to our beloved newlyweds.




July - September


During these months, we live Europe, shooting weddings in Italy, France, Belarus, Russia, Spain, Greece and other nearby countries.



Sofia & Vladimir


bride & groom

Thank you guys for the most beautiful material and relaxed and chill atmosphere that you bring with you. We are very grateful that you agreed to go all the way to Phuket to shoot our wedding and share this beautiful moment with us. We love the end result and are very happy that we have chosen to work with you. We wish you success in all your endeavors and many new adventures ahead. You rock guys!


Tatyana and Alexis


bride & groom

Guys! I’m so thrilled that I’m speechless! Photos on the flash card – I haven’t looked through all of them yet, but I’m already extremely excited!! And the box, the flash cards, printed photos – just WOW! You are so great! And we are so glad that we chose you!! Thank you so, so much, Michael and Lucy! We invited our friends and watched the video together. Our friends were so emotional. My emotions haven’t faded, and I’ve watched the video six time. It’s perfect.


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Anastasia and Alexei


bride & groom

I watched it 10 times already, and I can’t stop crying. Everyone who watched the video says that it’s awesome!! I can't express how lucky I am to enjoy your work! Mikhail!!!!! This is so cool!!!! We are in tears and with smiles on our faces!!! This is fantastic! I’m ready to watch it again and again!